about us

"We valued Trust and Best Quality Product for customer more than anything "
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about us

how we started

In the beginning, our company was engaged in manufacturing where we processed coconut derivative products, namely coconut shells into coconut shell charcoal.  And after that our company expanded and expanded into coconut plantations, to process more derivative products.


PT. Indonesian Coco Energy is one of the leading producer of coconut product in Indonesia. We have been established for over 4 years in derivative products. We are producing Crude Coconut Oil (CNO), Coconut Briquette Charcoal for Shisha and BBQ,  Coconut Peat Block, and Virgin Coconut Oil.


PT. Indonesian Coco Energy is a privately owned company with a broadly diversified customer base. Our dedicated production and quality control teams have tirelessly worked to deliver the best quality products expected by our customers. Supported by more than 50 employees and more than 200 farmers, and best technology for our industry. Ultimately, it is our top priority to meet our customers’s satisfaction and expectation.

Indonesian Coco

our Business focus

We have high quality charcoal product with affordable price and great production time

We make coconut shell charcoal briquettes for both Shisha/hookah and for barbeque use. Our briquettes are made using only the highest quality coconut shell charcoal (which we manufacture ourselves), featuring high fixed carbon and low ash content. The higher the fixed carbon, the higher the heat produced, the longer the briquettes burn and less ash is produced during burning


What We Do

We provide a fabulous range of coconut goodies, including natural charcoal & charcoal briquette


Our Mission

We provide a trusted place where unique products created with care for ingredients, and for the environment can be easily found.

Our Factory

Indonesian Coco Factory

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